Java, PHP, .NET and mobile development

We design and develop websites and webapplications in Java, PHP and .NET. It could be a complex custom solution for your business or SaaS application.

Or it could be a website implemented in CMS like WordPress, or a webshop built on top of Magento or OpenCart.

We also develop native apps for iPhone and Android.


Dedicated team
at the lowest possible price

Set up your own team. We provide recruitment, administration and take care of all daily routine, so that you can focus on development. It can be combined with resources from Projects Department.

Minimum 1 employee for 3 months.

Project basis
for fixed price or on time basis

Have a project? We help with wireframes, design and development. For fixed price when possible. Or on time basis with the hourly rate of 20-30 USD, depending on complexity.

Typical project size: 200-1,000 hours.


We have large and small customers. Most of them are in Denmark, US and have a dedicated team of size between 1 and 8 people.

Nuriddin Yusupov


+998 97 703 67 76

Please contact me if you have questions like:

- How much senior developer costs, and can you send some sample CV-s?
- Do you have experience with XYZ technology?
- I would like to have a quote for making an app that...