Dedicated development team at the lowest possible price


A dedicated team can best be compared to having your own employees and should not be confused with consultancy work.

We take care of all practical issues from recruitment to administration, so you can concentrate on the development itself. It costs a fixed amount per month which includes the salary for each employee. You have no employer obligations since the employee is employed by Azzimut. But on a daily basis it is your responsibility to provide tasks for the team. At the same time, you have unlimited freedom to use the team as you like without having to negotiate time, price and scope with anyone else but yourself.


The hourly rate is approx. 30% lower than on project basis. It is always the same developers, who get a better knowledge of your system. It will be easier to explain the tasks and it leads to fewer misunderstandings, higher quality and efficiency. Unlimited freedom to define the project scope without having to negotiate time and price. Possibility to recruit employees with right qualifications.


A more or less constant workload. Same type of tasks corresponding to the competencies in the team. Otherwise, we can supplement with our project department. You should have the time and desire to be involved on a daily basis and be available in case of questions. At least one hour per day or more depending on team size.
Minimum 1 man for at least 3 months.


SCRUM development

We recommend an agile development methodology SCRUM. It does not have to be exactly by the book with daily stand-up meetings, but it's necessary to split the tasks into sprints and have weekly Skype meetings to be able to track progress and align expectations.

We use the tools that the customer prefers, but we can also recommend some. We use issue tracking systems such as Jira and Trello. Jira for complex projects and Trello for smaller tasks.

We use version control systems like Git and Subversion, so it is possible to work together on the code in a development team.

We use Slack to plan the work and discuss ideas.

"We consider them as our own developers".