Commonly used QA service models

We offer agile and cost-efficient quality assurance services. Our strength lies in our experts’ extensive know-how and our unique service model. On the enterprise-level, we design business-oriented management functions and processes for quality assurance.

We help our clients design quality assurance for the lifespan of a project, starting with analyzing the requirements created by the client’s needs. From the get-go, we present expertise, operating models and best practices associated with quality assurance.

Fixed Price

Best for well-defined QA tasks

– Fixed budget
– Little client involvement
– Short to average test duration
– Full access to all available devices
– The clear final product at the end of the task

Just provide us the build and requirements.
Invoices are issued after each task.

Dedicated Team

Your own QA department

– Full client involvement
– All qualities of Time and Materials
– Complete control over testing processes
– Adjustable team size, scope, and requirements
– Long-term value through expertise accumulation

For ongoing support of any type of product.
Invoices are issued monthly.


Time and Materials

Transperent and flexible QA solution

– Flexible budget
– Significant client involvement
– Average to long test duration
– Ability to order project-specific devices
– Daily Project Progress reports and agile planning

Outstaff and Outsource are both applicable.
Invoices are issued after each test run or monthly.

All cooperation schemes can be modified and tailored to your needs.