Quality Assurance Services

We maintain a distinguished level of software testing services that blends top quality with cost-effective QA solutions.


Software Test Solutions

  • Functionality Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Regression Testing
  • Load & Performance Testing
  • Compatibility Testing

We provide you with software testing services to make your product even better.

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    Sprint Test Reports

    Example of Test report that our clients receive at the end of every sprint.

    Service Models


    Hire a dedicated senior QA Tester or build your own cost optimized QA unit with our professional QA Testers to support ongoing developments.

    ✓ Flexible budget
    ✓ Full client involvement
    ✓ Average to long test duration
    ✓ Benefits of Time and Material
    ✓ Client suited business hours
    ✓ Flexibility and Scalability
    ✓ Minimum 1 employee for 2 months

    Project Basis

    Designed best for fixed-price and well-defined QA project where our team takes holistic approach and full ownership for the testing.

    ✓ Fixed budget
    ✓ Less to little client involvement
    ✓ Short to average test duration
    ✓ Full visibility in daily progress report
    ✓ Free Proof-of-Concept and Demo capability
    ✓ Clear final product at completion
    ✓ Typical project size: 200-1,000 hours